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When the Result is Behind Doubt – What Other Bets Can I Make?

When the Result is Behind Doubt – What Other Bets Can I Make?

A cricket player during a game Description automatically generated

Some matches could be nail-biters, where you don’t know what’s going to be the result until the last ball. Others, however, like recent India Vs Bangladesh 1st Test match was over by day 1. Within two days, Bangladesh folded its 1st innings and was forced to follow on for 2nd after India gave it a huge lead. The result of the match seemed all but certain. However, that doesn’t mean there were no betting opportunities available in such a cricket game.

Even the most one-sided matches can still offer plenty of options to bet and try your luck. Here are the top picks for you:

1. The Top Batsman:

The biggest scorer of the cricket match is a hero in his own right – entirely independent of the team performance. While the match might be heading towards a fixed result, there are still runs to be made and stars to shine. Betting on the batsman who can turn out to be the highest run-scorer can instil life in an otherwise bland cricket game.

So, how does one do that? While you can bet on the best batsman on either the team or the match, it is far better to bet on the latter – as it offers better Cricket Betting odds. In one-sided matches like these, the chances of players from the stronger team making more runs are quite higher than those from the weaker side. However, there are still many factors to be considered. The number of days that remain, the number of innings players would get to play, and the existing scores they made before the bet was placed – all play a role in deciding the highest run-scorer.

2. The Top Bowler:

Similar to the previous method, except you bet on which bowler who would take the highest wickets. Again, in a one-sided cricket match, the choices get narrowed down. The stronger team will definitely pluck a lot more wickets. As such, the odds of the best cricket bowlers of the stronger team (the clear ‘favourites’) would be quite low. However, there might be some underrated player who gets into form at the last moment and goes on to take multiple wickets. Such surprises carry heavy odds, and these are the things you should keep an eye upon.

3. Fall of Wicket:

A quite interesting thing to bet upon is how the next wicket would fall. Such bets are much more fast-paced and thrilling than guessing win/loss or best player. As you would expect, the most common way of getting a wicket (a catch-out) carries the lowest odds. Bowled out is the next favourite, followed by LBWs. Run-outs and stumped are rarer and carry much better odds. The more uncommon option of dismissal there is, the higher the odds. Something like a hit-wicket, which is exceptionally rare, can earn you a fortune.

4. Centuries/Half-Centuries:

Even in the direst of situations, there is still hope. And such hopes can carry brilliant odds. In one-sided cricket matches, the weaker team progressively gets out of the favour of bookkeepers. When the result of the match is considered all but decided, it is quite unlikely for the batsmen of the losing side to score any big numbers. But like we saw today with Mushfiqur Rahim and his half-century, that is not always the case. Such half-centuries or centuries carry amazing odds. Betting on them in the last moments of the match can literally get you a jackpot.

The match can get as one-sided as it wants. For people who love to test their luck, the game is always on.


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