Misbah ul Haq wants Pakistan bowlers to target Steve Smith's Blindspot

Misbah Wants Pakistan Bowlers to Hit Steve Smith’s Blindspot

Pakistan’s Head Coach and former Captain Misbah-ul-Haq apparently has cracked the code and claims to have discovered the secret to dismiss Australia’s prolific Middle Order and batting mainstay Steve Smith.

According to an article published on ESPNCricinfo Misbah said:

“As far as Steve Smith goes, there’s a blind spot for every top batsman in the world; as a bowler you’re always interested in pitching the ball there,” Misbah said. “It’s important that we bowl with consistency there. Our bowlers are executing the plans very well right now, and hopefully we’ll be able to build that kind of a pressure, and stay disciplined especially early in the innings. No matter how good a batsman is batting, it’s about consistency and bowling the maximum balls in those areas that build pressure and the batsman respects you, and you force him to make a mistake.

“All the batsmen you talk to, any batsman in the world, that’s the area where you have to defend a ball, and that is a six-to-eight-metre spot where you have to play the top of off stump. That’s the area from where if it’s happening then that creates a great chance. Even if it’s not happening, you have less chances to do anything with the ball.

“So it’s about consistency, and top players in the world, if you miss those areas, that special length and line, then they are good enough to just cash in on that. So you have to be very, very disciplined, just keep the ball there, and if it’s happening you are already in the game.”

So basically according to Misbah the secret to dismiss Steve Smith is for his bowler’s to aim at Smith’s Blind spot which is nothing but simply hit the same spot on the pitch, hitting at or near the top of the off stump that troubles every batsmen at the international stage.

Pakistan on this tour to Australia have selected a relatively young and inexperienced pace attack for the test matches. The fast bowlers included in Pakistan’s test squad include Mohammad Abbas, Shaheen Afridi, Muhammad Musa and the 16-year-old Naseem Shah.

It will be a hard task cut out for Pakistan bowlers to be able to bowl to the plan to dismiss Steve Smith. But before Smith even comes out to bat, Pakistani bowlers will be up against the in-form David Warner who on his day can run his bat through the best of bowling line-ups and according to casino online usa it will be very interesting to see if Pakistan and Misbah’s gamble to pitch inexperienced young pacy fast bowlers against the seasoned Australian batting lineup pays rich dividends in terms of quick strikes and breakthroughs or if the Australian batsmen including the likes of Warner or Smith are able to rain loads of runs at the expense of the inexperience of Pakistani pace bowlers.

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