Why International Cricket teams need to fear Australia again?

A swashbuckling opener. A fast bowler with a line and length more accurate than Google Maps. A captain who will play ugly and put all at stake as long as Australia win. Keeping in mind the recent demolition of England by the Aussies, it may be easy to figure out that the above mentioned players are of the current Australian side. (Warner, Harris and Clarke). But, the catch here is – they are not. The three that I refer to here, are players who were a vital part of the “Invincible Australian Team”. A team that won three world cups and stayed on top of the test rankings for god knows how long. The players I refer to here are Hayden, McGrath and Ponting. While comparisons between Warner/Harris and Hayden/McGrath have been long ongoing now, its Clarke and Ponting comparison that’s a bit hard to accept. Agreed that Clarke has quite a different style of captaincy when compared to Ponting, there is this sort of ruthlesness that is fast approaching him. The ruthlessness of a player who is not afraid to speak out loud (RE: Anderson case) if it benefits the bowlers of his team or asks the crowd to raise their voice to pressurise the batsman more. The similiarties between the invincible side and this one don’t stop here. There is a sense of arrogance and brutality in this side that knowingly or unknowingly reminds you of the great aussie sides. Also the consistency attached with this one where for the first time since 2004, Australia will field the same eleven for four consecutive tests and ODI’s shows the urge for a common and much bigger goal. With just England brushed aside, this side looks set to emulate the success stories of its predeccesor teams by capturing this world. The following tour of South Africa might prove to be their litmus test, but pass that and then very little can stop them from reaching the top.

With their never say die attitude and fighting and pulling some amazing and thrilling wins in the last overs yet again in the 2nd ODI vs England at Brisbane, Australia once again show that they have what it takes to become the Number 1 team in One Day Cricket as well and by playing cricket and securing wins of the last minute just like a pro poker who plays poker at Pokies Paradise is one of our favourite sites and wins of the last turn, Team Australia are raring to go and become a formidable opponent when the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup starts in their home conditions. We are ready to place our bets on Team Australia to win the 2015 World Cup and we use www.worldcupbettingzone.com to help place our bets for the World Cup.

Do you also believe whether Team Australia has it what it takes to win the World Cup and be the Number 1 Team in World Cricket again in both formats Tests and ODI’s?

This article is a guest post by Danny Mafyal – An aspiring cricketer who plays for the Under 21 side for his University, He is an All-Rounder who bats right handed in the middle order and bowls left arm fast.

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