Cricket Sport Explained

Cricket is a collective ball and bat sport between two teams normally composed of eleven players each. It is generally played on an oval-shaped ground, grass, in the center of which is an area of ​​twenty meters in length, at each end of which there is a wooden structure, the wicket. According to South African news, a meeting is divided into several rounds. During each of them, one of the teams tries to score points (races), and simultaneously has two drummers on the ground, each in front of one of the wickets. One point is particularly marked at each exchange of position of these two players when the ball is in play. Their eleven opponents are also present on the playing area. The ball is thrown by one of them towards the box office. of one of the two drummers. The goal of the second team is to prevent the first to score, mainly by eliminating opponent drummers, for example by destroying the wicket with the ball on the throw.

Cricket Match:

At the top, from left to right: the idle drummer, who is waiting, a referee, the pitcher.

Bottom left to right: a field player, the box keeper, the active drummer, who is facing the pitch.

More than 100 countries including Canada are affiliated with the International Cricket Council, which organizes the Cricket World Cup. By its history, it is in the nations of the old British Empire that cricket is the most popular.

Origins of the game and its name change the code

The origins of cricket are obscure. Prince Edward, the future Edward II of England, practices in 1300 note 1 the “creag and other games”, but there is no proof that this creag is the ancestor of cricket1. One of the main theories about his origins indicates that he evolved from a children’s hobby, in southeastern England. A poem attributed to John Skelton and written presumably in 1533 suggests a Flemish origin and an original practice by shepherds 2.


Alley of the Locust to Liettres, along the historical terrain of the Locust

It is in France that one finds the oldest world trace related to the cricket (1478) in a letter of complaint addressed to the King Louis XI which mentions a dispute related to this game in the village of Liettres3, close to Saint-Omer. A tournament celebrates this legacy every year the Liettres Challenge 1478. The author Jean-Jules Jusserand mentions in Liettres the reference in 1478 in Sports and Exercise Games in the former France (1901) and states that cricket does not is anything but a variety of lacrosse or lacrosse game 4. The first proven reference to cricket in England dates back to 1597. Note 2: Forensic Pathologist John Derrick testifies during a trial that he and his friends played “creckett” while studying at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford.


Similarly, there are several theories as to the origin of the word “cricket”. Since there is a lot of trade between the south-east of England and the county of Flanders in the Middle Ages, it could come from the Dutch way krick (stick). Another possibility is the Anglo-Saxon cricc or cryce (crutch, stick) 6. Samuel Johnson derives Cricket Cricket in his Dictionary of the English Language (1755). In ancient French, locust designated a stick of goal to the game of ball 8, club 6. The Dutch way krickstoel means a stool used in churches to kneel, and whose shape is reminiscent of the first wickets 9. The German linguist Heiner Gillmeister argues that the origin of the word cricket is an expression of Dutch means hockey, puts krik ketsen.


Cricket as a sport has also grown by leaps and bounds in the African nation of South Africa. Post the apartheid ban being lifted in 1992-93, A South African Cricket team led by Keplar Wessels toured India for a memorable away series and since then even the South African team has improved a lot in their game and India vs South Africa cricket series has always attracted a lot of Indian fans who look forward to travel to South Africa to witness the cricket matches live. People can use forex trading in South Africa to get the best exchange rates to convert currencies to watch live cricket matches in South Africa and use the best rates they find through onlinetradings to convert their currencies to get good rates which can help them buy cricket match tickets online

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