What makes Australia a Cricketing Nation

What makes Australia a Cricketing Nation

For a game that supposedly originated in the southeast of England back in Saxon times, it is Australia who has claimed the sport as its own. With the most successful international team that there has ever been, when Australia takes to the pitch you just know that you are about to experience something a little special.

Whether you’re a fan of full-blown test matches or looking for the thrill of Twenty Twenty, the Australian cricket team delights each and every time. What is it that makes this nation so different to the other cricketing nations out there? How did Australia become the most famous cricketing nation that there is?

The domestic game

When it comes to playing cricket, there are countries that excel on the international stage and are adored by their fans. When they return to the domestic game, following a world cup for instance, suddenly the fans are gone. After all, who wants to be drawn in to match after match at club level when you have just witnessed the best in the world? Well, to answer our own question, the Australians do.

Australia has a highly completive domestic cricketing scene and one that the fans still adore. Cricket seems to be in their blood so whether it’s the international team or their favourite domestic club, the fans are out in their droves. This sees plenty of big bash league live score bets being placed. You could probably measure the love of the game by the amount that is bet on each fixture.

Australia produces greats

As a country, Australians are huge sports fans. Everyone is keen to know your sport of choice. Do you play cricket, swim, or maybe play Australian Rules Football? No matter which is your game, the Australians have a culture of encouragement. You aren’t pushed to go and pursue a ‘normal’ career. Instead, you are actively encouraged to pursue your passion.

In no small part, we have this attitude and outlook to thank for some of the sports greatest ever players. When a country can turn out players with the quality of Shane Warne and Steve Waugh, you know that you have a country that is serious about its sport. Where else could produce a great such as Sir Donald Bradman with a batting average of 99.94?!

The grassroots game

It is not just words of encouragement that are given when an interest in cricket is shown. The Grassroots Fund has seen cricketers committing funds to support the up and coming players in the country. This financial support ensures that there are quality coaches as well as facilities that allow the next generation to blossom.

With schemes such as these in place, Australia demonstrates its commitment to the game. It is this commitment that makes it a great cricketing nation and it is this commitment that will ensure that it continues to be the case for generations to come.

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