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Cricket as Exercise

The first thing that comes to most fans mind when mentioning cricket is leagues and national teams. But there are a large number of people who participate in the sport for leisure around the world. There are a lot of positive health benefits from practicing cricket as a hobby.

Cricket is a sport that is mainly big in countries that has some historical connection to England. There are records that says that king Edward III banned a sport that had a lot of treats that is similar to cricket. This was in 1369 and the sport was called pila baculorea and can be translated to club ball in modern English.

The king said that the sport took the focus away from the training to prepare for wars and was therefor unwanted.

There are some older indications of that there was a sport that came from France in the year 1300 that was called criquet. But there is no evidence that this is the same sport as club ball or today’s cricket.

Cricket as a hobby

In the 17th century cricket started to become a sport for both the aristocracy and the common people. There are even records that men failed to come to church but played cricket instead. For this they were fined and had to confess to the congregation.

The spreading across the globe

In 18th century the sport started to spread from England, mainly to other parts of the British empire. And in most of those countries the sport has stayed as a part of the culture. The sport is hardly known in the countries outside of the countries that have national teams. But in more countries than those do have a small fanbase and some doing the sport for fun and as a hobby.

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The physical benefits of cricket

If you already are a participant of the game of cricket on a hobby level or if you are looking to start taking part of a team there are some really good benefits that you can count on.

  • Stamina and endurance

No matter what position you are in you will and some point get involved in running. This will increase your endurance and strength.

  • Coordination and balance

The blows with the bat and catching the ball includes a lot of coordination and balance skills

  • The hand – eye coordination improves

Hitting the ball with the bat and catching the ball involves high skills in hand – eye coordination’s and reaction times.

Useful outside the cricket arena

All these skills are very useful in everyday life, and for your overall health and will improve life as a senior as well. So go out there and start participating in your favorite game!


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