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Why The World is Watching the IPL

Cricket is a pastime that’s loved by many throughout the world. We many people think of competitive cricket, one of the first leagues to come to mind is likely to be The Ashes. However, since the growing popularity of the sport, many countries now have their own leagues, competing against other teams with the aim of winning. There are many countries in which cricket is an extremely popular sport including Australia, the UK and of course India. There are different reasons why this sport has grown in popularity, but the fact it has become more accessible for those wishing to play is definitely helping – more women are part of cricket teams than ever before and that’s a wonderful thing to see!

The Indian Premier League

India loves cricket and so in 2007 launched The Indian Premier League. Now once a year, 8 teams from different areas of India compete between March and May to be the winner. The league has become extremely popular, with teams wanting to knock the Mumbai Indians off the top spot – they have won a total of 5 titles since the league began the most of any team. Over recent years the game has really started to earn a name for itself and many cricket fans throughout India are keen followers and want to know what is happening in each match.

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IPL Is Marketed Perfectly

There is no doubt that the skills that the players have and the nail-biting matches this creates is a reason for the game to be so popular, however, the marketing behind the IPL certainly helped. It is clear to see that thought has gone into the whole marketing campaign to thrust the IPL into the limelight – and it has really worked.

They varied the advertising they took part in throughout India, but they made sure there are a full campaign of adverts across radio, TV and print. They even made sure that large sporting events had billboards advertising the IPL on display. Online, they worked with bloggers and social media influencers to help spread the word about their league and why people should watch. They were clever and targeted people that were already keen sports fans, especially those with a liking for cricket. That way they knew that they were hitting people who were likely to make the jump to watching the IPL.

The internet has helped the IPL grow in popularity, especially since websites such as Sportsadda.com have started to cover the game. This opened up the world of IPL to people who couldn’t attend matches and made the whole league much more accessible to all – helping it grow in popularity!

Making It Accessible

Helping the game to be accessible to all has definitely increased its popularity. After all, who wants to follow a sport that they’re not able to find out what is happening when it happens? SportsAdda and other sporting enthusiast websites often have up to date match scores and updates, so you can follow the game even if you can’t watch it as it happens.

One thing the people behind IPL did was make sure that the matches were able to be watched by as many people as possible. They made a decision long ago that all cricket games taken part between the 8 teams would happen in the early evening – so people working or studying didn’t have to miss out. This really helped people’s chances of being able to tune in – and that has helped interest in the league grow.

The World is Watching IPL

The internet has helped open up the world of IPL to people outside of India and even those in different time zones. Previously if you couldn’t attend a game or watch on local TV you had little chance of being able to keep up, unless you wanted to follow games along on the radio. However, internet streaming and broadcasting of live international sports matches means that people from anywhere are able to follow the IPL and know what is happening.

The simple act of opening this up to the world and allowing them easy access to watch matches is a massive reason why people now do so – just because they are able to now.

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