Top 5 Australian Cricketers

Top 5 Australian Cricket Players in History

Australia is one of the countries that have always been obsessed with cricket. According to the latest count, there are around 3,450 cricket clubs in Australia, and almost 710,000 residents took part in cricket competitions in 2019/20.

Moreover, even people who don’t play cricket get involved in the game by watching it and supporting their favourite teams. Some also like to predict the outcome of the professional league matches to test their cricket knowledge. For this reason, they regularly check the Big Bash League live score, as well as the results of other renowned competitions.

Yet, the biggest dilemma every season revolves around the best Australian cricketer. As expected, people have different opinions on this topic and different criteria according to which they separate the best from the rest. Nevertheless, there are players in Australia’s cricket history who will never be forgotten, and you’ll get to find out what their names are in the text below.

1.   Sir Donald Bradman — The Don

Sir Donald Bradman, also known as The Don, was the best Australian international cricketer and the greatest batsman of all time. On top of that, he has been considered one of the best athletes ever, thanks to his test batting average of 99.94. Above all, Bradman was so great that the English cricket team had to come up with a special tactic in the 1930s called Bodyline to halt his scoring.

2.   Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is considered one of the most celebrated captains when it comes to Australian cricket. He is also a batsman that’s going to be remembered for scoring the highest Test runs compared to any other Aussie cricketer — a total of 13,378 runs at an average of 51.85. Moreover, it is said that Ponting could perform every shot flawlessly, especially the hook and pull shots, while being an equally successful fielder at the same time (196 catches).

3.   Shane Warne

In the era of fast-bowling, Shane Warne brought spin-bowling to our attention and revolutionised the way cricket is played. Australia was very lucky to have Warne on the team, as this amazing cricket player could manipulate the ball to deviate abruptly the way he imagined it, which would totally confuse the opposing team. What’s more, Warne is famous for taking 708 wickets in 145 Tests — one of the best scores among Australian bowlers.

4.   Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist only began his cricket career at the age of 28, after he got a chance to fill in for Ian Healy. This left-handed batsman was a nightmare for opposing teams, thanks to his aggressive batting and spectacular cricket talent that eventually made him a record-breaking wicket-keeper and a cricket legend.

5.   Shane Watson

This list could go on for quite some time, but we wanted to make it short and sweet. Therefore, we chose only five all-time favourite Aussie cricket players that deserve to be remembered. The last but certainly not the least important player on this list is Shane Watson — a guy who played all formats of cricket. Both a batsman and a fast-medium swing bowler, Watson was the world’s No. 1 T20I all-rounder from 2002 to 2016, which has made his name worth mentioning in years to come.

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