Could an Indian Only IPL Work

Could An Indian Only IPL Work?

The coronavirus has more effect on the world than what we ever imagined it to be and unfortunately, the IPL is suffering under rules that have forbidden international travel as well as social interaction. The IPL is the biggest cricket event and when it was postponed in March the world stood still. With no foreseeable solution to end the virus, the board and CEO of Delhi Capitals, Dhiraj Malhotra, have discussed the possibility of hosting the IPL with Indian only players. But how could this work and how would it affect IPL match predictions? We take a look at some of the factors and find out if this could actually work and salvage some of the merriment that is the IPL.

How Teams Reacted to the Suggestion

Before the thought could be weighed and discussed, it was important for all to gauge each other reactions. The suggestion was made by the Delhi Capitals which proved that the majority of the team were on board. The Royals too seemed to be happy to save the IPL 2020 and go with the idea of Indian only players. Rajasthan from the Royals told the media that he believes most franchises are comfortable with the idea as everyone wanted to see the success of the IPL through the global pandemic and hundreds of supporters would be on board as bets could go on.

According to a source that has inside information, Chennai Super Knights don’t seem to be fully invested in the idea which leaves room for the entire IPL to be cancelled this year if no solution is found in time.

The BCCI is slow in making a decision as the board is eagerly seeking ways to work around the pandemic and solve the predicament that might cost 2020 the IPL. With a number of stake holders showing interest in the Indian Premier League being hosted in 2020, the idea doesn’t seem so crazy.

How Could It Work

There has been talk about an all Indian IPL being held behind closed doors at a later stage of the year. This could happen over the next 2 to 3 months. If so, teams would need to be formed through a new draft allowing them to be comprised of Indian only players. The solution would be to save something of the IPL as there would be a cash loss of Rs 4000 crore. Additionally, international travel has yet to open as countries are still in lockdown so this is a solution that could work.

Another Auction?

To draft a team another auction could be held, it would make the most sense to do this and the results could be positive while some supporters may not warm to the idea. The Chennai Super Kings already have 11 out of 16 international Indian players, the Delhi Capitals have 9 out of 14 international Indian players, the Kings XI Punjab have only 3 out of 17 making an auction highly priced or a disadvantage if the team were to draft from home soil. The same goes for the Kolkata Knight Riders, the team only has 2 international players so they would do well to draft more experienced players.

The Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers are all in the same boat and will need to boost their teams in order to win. But the chance of an all Indian 2020 IPL is a very real possibility and the games played will most assuredly be different. With so many changes it would be thrilling to see the IPL take on a different path, but how will it affect betting? Naturally, we believe that bets will be adjusted with new odds predicted. This resulting in punters around the world to place new bets on favourites and underdogs. Now let’s see how the IPL will handle the tournament or if it will be hosted at all.


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