IPL 2020 might get Cancelled after PM’s Announcement of 21 Day Lockdown

IPL 2020 might not go ahead as planned and is on the verge of a possible cancellation after the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi announced a 21 day lockdown across the entire country of India on 24th March 2020 due to Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic.

Due to the spread of Covid19, One of the biggest worldwide sporting event of the year – The Olympics have also been postponed for 1 year and will no longer be held in 2020.

Even though the Board of Cricket Control in India – BCCI is yet to take a final decision on whether to conduct the IPL in 2020 or not, there is a large possibility looming that IPL 2020 is all but on the verge of cancellation this year.

Covid19 pandemic is spreading worldwide and it’s left the governments of many big countries on Planet Cricket searching for a viable solution. Many countries are opting for lockdowns and are stopping flights, closing state borders and urging people to stay indoors so that they can control the pandemic spread. But apart from lockdown there is nothing much any government can offer at this point of time to control the Covid19 spread.

According to Ness Wadia – The Co-Owner of Kings 11 Punjab IPL team, 

“The BCCI should really consider postponing the IPL now. As a premier event, we need to act with great responsibility. Contemplation of IPL is inhuman right now. We need to save lives, not IPL,” Ness Wadia said as quoted by The New Indian Express.

“Let’s say even if the situation improves by May and I hope it does, who is going to come and play? Will the (foreign players) be even allowed to enter the country?” Wadia added.

A top BCCI official echoed Wadia’s views and said that if a worldwide global sporting event like the Olympics can get postponed, The IPL in comparison to Olympics is a very small tournament, and since the Indian government is also not issuing visas to foreigners, there is a very thin possibility of the foreign players getting entry into India to play the IPL. Also with the 21 day lockdown  it is virtually impossible that things will return to normalcy by April 14. It might improve but a lot of restrictions will be in place. So it will be foolish not to cancel the league,” the BCCI official said.

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