Rabada Could Be the Greatest the Game has Seen

There are times in life where you can only wonder what it must have been like to have lived through a certain period. The World Wars, the Renaissance, sending people to the moon – history is full of them. For cricket lovers, it would be the careers of Donald Bradman or W.G. Grace. How can a man average 99.94? No one in the modern day has got close to that. Not being around during these times, one can only wonder.

Being present during the time of a cricketing great is something fans across the globe can thank their lucky stars for. Kagiso Rabada has the makings of the greatest fast bowler of them all. The young South African’s career stats make for intriguing reading.

Rabada’s strike rate of 39.6 is the best of any bowler with over 100 wickets in 122 years. Put another way, his record is better than McGrath, Steyn, Akram, Ambrose, Donald and everyone else. To be among such esteemed company at 22 is incredible. To be topping the charts is unbelievable. Sitting up and taking note of Rabada’s current trajectory is well worth doing. How great could the man from Johannesburg be is the question? Another impressive five-for against the Australians in Port Elizabeth proved how devastating he can be. The young quick once again illustrated his ability to rip through a lineup.

For supremely talented youngsters, falling off the wagon is always a fear. Experiencing so much success so quickly can come with its own set of very real challenges. If Rabada is to fulfil his potential he will need a very strong support system around him. Fans of the Proteas will be reassured to see his parents following him around the country.

The 22-year-old comes from a family of overachievers. His father is a neurosurgeon and mother a lawyer. Their input in his life will help mould the years where he needs the most protecting.It is his fiery nature that South African fans love. It is also what lands him in hot water from time to time. The ICC has charged him with bodily contact during the second test with Australia. It was no more than a graze on Steve Smith.

Sadly the Australian captain made the most of it. Rabada may be banned for the remainder of the season, and that will do nothing for their chances of winning the series. The latest cricket tips have the Australians as favourites now. The Proteas are 6/1 to win the series. It will get considerably harder for du Plessis’s men should Rabada not be allowed to play.

There could even be an argument that Rabada should know better. There are lingering disciplinary issues but in this instance, he can count himself unlucky. How much do you rein in a fast bowler without taking away their source of passion?

It seems Kagiso Rabada’s career could go one of two ways. He could go on to be the greatest or not make the most of the talent he has. It’s quite simple because Rabada has it all and more. Should he follow this current trajectory, he will go down as the greatest bowler to have played the game.

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