T10 Cricket Has Arrived A brand-new way to play cricket is debuting in December!

T10 Cricket Has Arrived!

Most people are aware that the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, and have heard of the Dubai Mall, the globe’s biggest shopping destination. Princess Tower is the tallest residential building on earth, and when the JW Marriott Marquis is entered onto the list as the biggest hotel in the world, the obsession Dubai has with setting world records becomes obvious.

Dubai has now also laid claim to having the first international tournament in cricket’s shortest version, thanks to the launch of T10 Cricket League. Real money blackjack games are being set aside for the moment, as players start taking in the newest variation of this much-loved game.

 Six Teams Set to Compete in December 2017

Players from all over the world have signed up for the inaugural tournament, with the list including Eoin Morgan, Kieron Pollard, Safaraz Khan, and Virender Sehwag. Six teams are set to try for the grand prize when the tournament begins this December. It will be like T20 cricket, only many imagine, it will be even better!

Players and Coaches are Taking it Very Seriously

While purists may be choking on their tea at the thought of another gimmicky game of cricket, the seriousness of the draft proceedings should not be underestimated. Five of the six teams picked their players, the sixth being fronted by Sri Lanka Cricket, and the selection process was undertaken very solemnly.

Shaji-ul-Mulk, chairman and founder of the T10 Cricket League, says it all began when a group of people and he were watching a football game. What struck them, he says, was the amount of pure passion that got packed into just 90 minutes. The pace of the game made a huge impression, and he reports that that was the moment when they asked themselves if similar conditions could not be applied to cricket. The T10 Cricket League was thus born.

Top Teams Taking Their Place within the League

The League consists of the Kerala Kings, the Pakhtoons, the Bengal Tigers, the Maratha Arabians, and the Punjabi Legends. Sri Lanka completes the set of six.

The New Format Accurately Reflects the Demographic

Do not be too quick to dismiss the T10 Cricket League as outright gimmickry, since it very accurately reflects the audience demographic expected to attend the games at the Sharjah Cricket Grounds. The move to hold the first edition in Sharjah rather than Dubai is also a clever one.

The close access this will grant to expatriates from various cricket countries is one of the reasons why, as well as the fact that a full stadium of 16 000 makes for a much better show than one filled with gaps thanks to the fact that it can hold 25 000 people.

The English Captain Supports the Idea

Eoin Morgan, the captain of the English team, is totally on board with the T10 Cricket idea, although he has warned that making it work will not be a simple task. He says the smaller scope will allow for a microscopic dissection of the balls, and remove the room for taking too much time or making mistakes. He is sure it is going to totally transform the way cricket is played and enjoyed.



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