Even Pessimistic Pakistanis have seen a change for the good!

Things Might be Looking Up for Pakistani Cricket
It is hard for Pakistani minds to wrap themselves around the concept that things may well be looking up. One of the core tenets ruling life here is the idea that the past is just always better, and this attitude is perhaps best illustrated by a quote from the late columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee, which is often referenced: Mark my words, each successive government of Pakistan will be worse than its predecessor. Apparently, this is what Muhammad Ali Jinnah told Cowasjee’s father, and, back in 2009, Cowasjee confirmed that this is exactly what had happened, but we are starting to see evidence that this may not always be the truth.

But somehow, things look like they are, well, looking up. Pakistan is currently recovering from being a focus for terrorist attacks, with 2016 having the fewest civilian casualties since 2006, and 2017 is shaping up to be even better. One is hesitant to consider this kind of improvement as something worth celebrating, however, since even one death is one too many, but any lessening does have a good result for us all.


Pakistani Cricket Recovering from its 2009/2010 Nadir
Pakistani cricket, meanwhile has come back from its rock-bottom 2009/2010 experience, and has hosted two shorter international tours in just two months in 2017, with an additional one potentially on its way as well. Although all kinds of crime, terrorism and bad press have haunted the side, things may be changing now.

Even the Test team, which has been keeping the game afloat for so long now, faltering will not affect the continued prosperity that the limited overs exploits from the PSL generation is generating.


Even the Domestic Game is Looking Good

As cricket fans turn away from their online roulette NZ games to enjoy domestic cricket games for a change, it quickly becomes noticeable that the balls’ manufacturers replaced have made a huge difference. Instead of the locally made Grays balls, we are now making use of Dukes, a brand of cricket ball produced in England, and although this move was initially met with much scepticism, the players have all been won over since they started using them.


The Dukes Balls are Just Better
A local batsman explained that the Grays balls did not last for very long, and needed changing after between 40 and 50 overs. The new Dukes balls, however, were still fine after 40 to 50 years! He added that all that was required with the Dukes balls was good timing for boundaries to be gotten, whereas the Grays balls need a huge amount of brute force.

An international fast bowler was also quick to point out the benefits of the Dukes ball, saying that it had a consistent swing, whether it was new or old, and no matter whether the swing was conventional or reverse. He further stated that the ball retains its shape and remains hard, which helps bowlers with their pace, as well.

Things seem to be getting better for Pakistani cricket, and time will tell what the real result of all of these improvements will be.


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