Cricket South Africa CEO Morang Defends the Internal Audit

Acting CEO of Cricket South Africa, CSA, Thabang Moroe, is defending the internal audit investigation as an independent one, and does not expect, or hope for, any delays.

The CSA set an internal review to be processed to discover why the T20 Global League was not able to launch this year, and it is expected to be finalised by next week. When these results become available, it will be determined whether a totally independent enquiry will be necessary.

Mid-November Deadline

Moroe revealed that the local governing body’s deadline was for the middle of November, and that, at the very latest, the end of the month would be the cut-off time for submission. He added, however, that, based on the weekly updates he had been receiving, the mid-month due date would probably be met.

Probe Announced to Much Scepticism

Moroe, who is acting as the CEO for CSA on a temporary basis after the organisation split with Haroon Lorgat by mutual consent, initially publicised the probe to much mistrust. At the time that he did so, he noted that the board had not been fully appraised by Lorgat on some aspects of the tournament’s organisation.

However, critics were quick to point out that it may not be totally credible for CSA to oversee conducting their own investigation, since the board had not seen fit to start asking more questions at an earlier date. Moroe, nevertheless defended the course of action that the CSA had elected to follow.


The CSA Will Not Shy Away from Further Investigation if it is Warranted

As punters who also often enjoy the online pokies NZ offers wait with bated breath on the internal audit results, Moroe explained that, as far as the enquiry was concerned, an internal audit process was being affected now.

He added that two totally independent companies were also examining the CSA’s affairs from the point of view of governance, and that, as far as the enquiry is concerned, once these three reports, which are all independent of one another, are submitted to the board, they would be able to examine the results of the inquiry.

More to the point, Moroe assured stakeholders that the CSA would not shy away from further investigations if these were found to be warranted. He added that the board would make the right decision in order to not only give the media confidence in the results of the internal audit, and to reassure stakeholders, but because they owed this much to the cricket fans and betting community as a whole, as well.

Massive Questions about Transparency and More

As cricket fans are aware, the board has some big questions to answer. Poor levels of transparency, suspect franchise agreements, and stupendously spiralling costs where the order of the day.

CSA has argued that they have a new governing structure in place that contains a number of independent board members, and although they did not ask the questions they should have more timeously, hopefully their reports now will allow us to place our trust in them once more.



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