6 Teams are looking to clinch 1 of 4 World Cup Qualifiers

Six Squad Skirmish for Four Cricket World Cup Qualifier Spots
Asad Vala, captain for the Papua New Guinea, or PNG, team, has stated that the World Cricket League Championship games are important for his squad, and that they needed to finish up in the Top Four to qualify for the Cricket World Cup Qualifier games.

With the last but one round of the ICC World Cricket League Championships about to happen, there are still a total of six teams that are able to book one of the Top Four spots in order to secure their place in next year’s ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier.

The Netherlands is in the Lead
With bets heating up at the kinds of online gambling casinos that allow for wagering on cricket games, the Netherlands is currently in the lead of the Championship. They have 16 points, and if they should manage a victory in both games against Kenya, who is in fifth place with ten points, their passage to next year’s Qualifiers would be done and dusted.

PNG Highlights the Importance of Their New Coach
Asad Vala has highlighted the critical appointment of Jason Gillespie as the Coach for his team, Gillespie being a former Australian international player. Vala noted that Gillespie had brought a slew of new ideas to the team, and confirmed that the squad really enjoyed his company. Vala also mentioned that Gillespie had an enormous amount of experience at all levels of the game, and that his team wished to make the best use they could of his knowledge, and learn as much as they could from him.

The Scots Aren’t Taking Anything for Granted
Kyle Coetzer, captain for the Scottish cricket team, is not taking anything for granted. He said that his team had made their preparations, and were excited about getting into the games. Coetzer also said that he and his team expected things to be difficult, thanks to the standard of the teams taking part, but that everyone involved had done their best to ensure that things were as good as they could be expected to be going in. There was no magic, lucky charm or superstition that got teams through, all of them had worked especially hard to secure their place.

The Netherlands are Looking for Max Points
The captain for the Dutch team, Peter Borren, is aiming at securing maximum points for both of the 50-over matches, and has said that there are a few games for his team as they looked to consolidate the first place in the World Cricket League Championship. He added that his team had been invited by Zimbabwe Cricket to train and take part in warm-up matches, and that this had definitely helped in terms of their getting prepared.

Borren said that the Kenyans were dangerous, as his team had discovered to their detriment at the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier of 2015, thanks to the fact that the team had a few players who could take the game very quickly. He spoke of good planning and effective execution being the key to nullifying the threat they posed, and that hoped that the hard work his team had put in would see them succeed.

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