Cricket and Use of Modern Technology

Among the most popular sports in the world cricket seems to be the most technology brave. It takes the other sport organizing bodies forever to regulate the use of new technology. However this is seems not to be the case with cricket. There are several pieces of technologically advanced pieces of equipment that are used during play. These tools are used by the teams, the match officials and even the broadcast crews. Cricket and technology have a great relationship that should be cultivated.

Regulating Technology In Cricket

The ICC is responsible for regulating everything to do with cricket. As an international body they are mandated to make sure that all member countries comply with the regulations. It is these regulations that have made cricket the sport that it is today. A sport whose rules and equipment are the same despite where you are.

They have managed to achieve this by setting standards in the equipment and its development. Even though some of the regulations are a bit funny. Just recently the ICC banned batters from playing with helmets that do not meet the British Standard BS7928:2013. But they did not restrict batters from playing without helmets.

ICC And Tech Development

Technology development for cricket is done in many different spheres. There are some advancements that are pushed by the public and some that are born out of trying to make the game better. Regardless of which one it is the ICC is usually involved. This is because they have the strictest standards.

Even the video games based on the game are of the highest quality. And the very best of them were developed under ICC supervision. If the commission also regulated online gambling on the sport then may be the quality of the service would be greatly better. Visit for more information. This is not to say that online gambling sites are horrible but that the ICC really good at bringing out the best in things. In some cases the ICC itself sanctions the development of a particular piece of technology. They can even bankroll everything from research to production.

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