ICC World Twenty20 2009 England Full Schedule and Fixtures

ICC World Twenty20 2009 Full Schedule and Fixtures
ICC World Twenty20 2009 Full Schedule and Fixtures

The Complete Schedule for the ICC World Twenty20 2009 starting in England from June 5  to be played till June 21.

Note – The Timings mentioned below in the ICC World Twenty20 2009 Schedule are in Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT)

Group A: India, Bangladesh, Ireland
Group B: Pakistan, England, Netherlands
Group C: Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies
Group D: New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland


Fri 05 June 16:30  England v Netherlands, 1st Match, Group B,  London (D/N)
Sat 06 June 09:00  New Zealand v Scotland, 2nd Match, Group D,  London 

Sat 06 June 12:30  Australia v West Indies, 3rd Match, Group C,  London
Sat 06 June 16:30  India v Bangladesh, 4th Match, Group A,  Nottingham (D/N)
Sun 07 June 12:30  South Africa v Scotland, 5th Match, Group D,  London 

Sun 07 June 16:30  England v Pakistan, 6th Match, Group B,  London (D/N)
Mon 08 June 12:30  Bangladesh v Ireland, 7th Match, Group A,  Nottingham
Mon 08 June 16:30  Australia v Sri Lanka, 8th Match, Group C,  Nottingham (D/N)
Tue 09 June 12:30  Pakistan v Netherlands, 9th Match, Group B,  London 

Tue 09 June 16:30  New Zealand v South Africa, 10th Match, Group D,  London (D/N)
Wed 10 June 12:30  Sri Lanka v West Indies, 11th Match, Group C,  Nottingham 

Wed 10 June 16:30  India v Ireland, 12th Match, Group A,  Nottingham (D/N)
Thu 11 June 12:30  Ireland v New Zealand  (D1 vs A2) 13th Match, Group F,  Nottingham
Thu 11 June 16:30  England v South Africa (B2 vs D2) 14th Match, Group E,  Nottingham (D/N)
Fri 12 June 12:30   Pakistan v Sri Lanka (B1 vs C2) 15th Match, Group F,  London
Fri 12 June 16:30   India v West Indies (A1 v C1)  16th Match, Group E,  London (D/N)
Sat 13 June 12:30  South Africa v West Indies (C1 v D2)  17th Match, Group E,  London 

Sat 13 June 16:30   New Zealand v Pakistan (D1 v B1)  18th Match, Group F,  London (D/N)
Sun 14 June 12:30  Ireland v Sri Lanka (A2 v C2)  19th Match, Group F,  London
Sun 14 June 16:30   England v India (A1 v B2)  20th Match, Group E,  London (D/N)
Mon 15 June 12:30  Ireland v Pakistan (B1 v A2) 21st Match, Group E,  London
Mon 15 June 16:30 England v West Indies (B2 v C1) 22nd Match, Group F,  London (D/N)
Tue 16 June 12:30  New Zealand v Sri Lanka (D1 v C2) 23rd Match, Group F,  Nottingham
Tue 16 June 16:30 India v South Africa (D2 v A1)  24th Match, Group E,  Nottingham (D/N)
Thu 18 June  16:30  1st Semi-Final – Pakistan vs South Africa, Trent Bridge, Nottingham (D/N)

Fri 19 June  16:30  2nd Semi-Final – Sri Lanka vs West Indies, The Oval, London (D/N)
Sun 21 June  14:00  Final,  London

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