Watch IPL Matches Live Streaming Online with Live IPL Scores on IPLT20

  The Official Website of the DLF Indian Premier League – will provide an interactive video experience to those would like to view live IPL match coverage with live IPL match scores online. The videos will broadcast using Microsoft’s Silverlight  platform, which is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for viewing rich interactive applications on the Web.

The matches will be broadcast live in high quality format, giving IPL followers access to more than 500 hours of on-demand video content. The website will also enable picture-in-picture controls and a customizable Silverlight player to offer a personalized experience.

All the matches of the IPL Season 2 with live IPL Scores from South Africa will be telecasted online through IPL Live Streaming Online Technology using Microsoft’s Silverlight at

In addition, the website will enable picture-in-picture controls and customizable player to offer a personalized experience. The website will also provide a customized Internet Explorer 8 for IPL fans to stay connected with all the action. Using IE8 features like Web Slices and Accelerators, fans can speed up video and image search and get instant updates from the website.

Features on

  • The image gallery is built using Microsoft s Deep Zoom technology, which will enable users to view high resolution images and allow them to even browse, filter and sort photographs using meta-tags.
  • The Live Match video player has unique advertising support, which is supposed to be non-obstructive and allowing viewers to watch live action for free.  
  • The video gallery is an on-demand interactive gallery using Silverlight showcasing video highlights. Videos can also be shared with friends (community features are yet to built into the website) or commented upon. 
  • The website  is also said to provide multiple video streams, based on user preferences and bandwidth
  • In order to view Silverlight content on your browser, you must install the latest Silverlight player. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Macintosh users can install the player from here: Linux users will need to install Moonlight from here:

    Download the Silverlight plugin & enjoy the high quality live streaming of all the IPL Season 2 matches being played in South Africa with live  IPL scores online on

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    1. Nice beginner article on IE8. See:

      For readers who use Firefox and are new to IE8, I wanted your readers to be aware that Firefox doesn’t have a version of SilverLight but it does have a version of Accelerators, it is called “KALLOUT – Accelerators for Firefox” It’s available as a free add-on through Firefox. See:

      The accelerators developed for IE8 will actually work directly with KallOut-Accelerators for Firefox so users can stick with Firefox if they want and still get the benefits of the community-developed accelerators.


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