IPL Match Tickets Range From Rs 100 To Rs 12000

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Will the IPL be able to attract as many spectators as an ODI featuring India?

IPL Match Tickets Range From Rs 100 To Rs 12000

With eight days left for the launch of the Indian Premier League, several franchises have started selling tickets for the matches. The prices range from Rs 100 [approx US$2.5] to 250 [approx $6.25] at the lower end and Rs 5000 [$125] to 12,000 [$300] for the corporate boxes. Tickets are already available online for the games to be held in Kolkata and Mohali, while the rest will be available from April 11.

While the likes of Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai have their premium tickets priced pegged at approximately Rs 5000, Mohali is charging Rs 12,000 for tickets for seats in the premium South End pavilion.

“As a thumb-rule, ticket prices are half that of an ODI,” Charu Sharma, the chief executive of the Bangalore franchise, said. In the high-end hospitality areas, ticket-holders will be served alcohol, which will also be sold in a few high-priced ticket enclosures.

Teams play seven home games. In a scenario where tickets are sold out in Chennai at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, which has thrown open 34,450 seats to the public, the gate money [not including the season tickets in consideration] that will be accrued for one game is approximately Rs 3.6 crores ($900,000) and Rs 25.2 crores ($6 million) for the seven games. Assuming a 50% turnout they will net around Rs 12 crores ($3m) from the tournament. According to the rules, 20% of the gate money will go to the local host association while the franchise will net the remainder.

However, the tickets for Kolkata games, currently available online, will be offered in outlets only on April 14 after they settle the issue of giving CAB members their share of the tickets. “Not many people buy online here,” the spokesman for the franchise said. “We will first give the members tickets on discounted rates before offering to the public in outlets.”

The other associations are not facing too many hurdles with the members. “We will be allotting them tickets in the normal members’ area and there has been no issue so far,” IS Bindra, the president of the Punjab Cricket Association said.

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