India vs Pakistan 3rd Test at Bangalore Tickets Booking Available Here

Tickets for the the 3rd Indianoil Cup Test Match between India vs Pakistan at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium to be played between 8th December to 12th December 2007 can now be booked online at at the Ticket Pro India website – Links to Book Tickets are at the bottom of this post

Here are the Ticket Prices as mentioned on the Ticket Pro Website

P-2 Stand : Rs 1500 + Rs 150 (Service Charge)

T Stand : Rs 1000 + Rs 100 (Service Charge)

C Stand : Rs 250 + Rs 25 (Service Charge on Weekend)

Rs 150 + Rs 15 (Service Charge on Weekdays)

A Stand : Rs 250 + Rs 25 (Service Charge on Weekend)

Rs 150 + Rs 15 (Service Charge On Weekdays)

B Stand : Rs 250 + Rs 25 (Service Charge on Weekend)

Rs 150 + Rs 15 (Service Charge On Weekdays)

N Stand: Rs 400 + Rs 40 (Service Charge)

(Note – Courier Charges Additional – Rs 50 Per Person, Tickets will be dispatched from December 3rd onwards, Tickets are not available at the Outlets, The prices mentioned above are in Indian Rupees Only)

Click Here to Book Your Tickets :

For All Days






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  1. Hi Mr Khan,

    What help do you need to book tickets?

    my advice would be click on the link, book the tickets using Credit Card & get them delivered via courier.

  2. I would like to know the layout of the stadium. Thatmeans through which gate do we get what kind of view of the ground.

  3. Courier charges listed at ticketpro are like 800 INR, 1000+ INR.,
    its not as Rs.50 as listed in the post.
    other options are – get e-ticket or collect ticket at PlanetM,BrigadeRoad.

  4. Mr Khan, i guess if you dont have credit card then you cant book tickets, i would suggest taking the help of a friend or relative who has a credit card, maybe they can help you in booking your ticket then.

  5. Hi Mr Prem,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my site, but i am afraid that i would not be able to book your ticket, you need to own a credit card to book your ticket via the ticketpro website, in case you dont have 1 then i suggest take the help of a friend or relative who has a credit card & then book your ticket.

  6. Mr Prateek

    i dont have access to the Chinnaswamy stadium ground photos, but i think on the day of the match newspapers like The Times of India will carry pictures with a map & a layout view of the stadium in the Bangalore Edition of the Times of India, please check that or else i would recommend using Google to find out the stadium photos.

  7. I just printed three e-tkts (1100/-) that I bought a few minutes ago. At the bottom of the tkts, it says “Exchange Your E-Tickets on PlanetM, brigade Road”. My question is, are the e-tickets not usable to enter the stadium? Do I have to have exchange the e-tkt at PlanetM?


  8. as u said all tickets are sold out, does it mean what ticket pro is showing is incorrect? i see tickts stll avl for day1

  9. Hi Ramesh, i presume that the etickets which have been printed at the ticketpro website have to be exchanged with a entry pass at PlanetM to get entry to the stadium, i guess they are doing this to prevent duplication of etickets.

  10. Hi Ullas, i thought all the tickets were sold out, but i was incorrect, thnx for correcting me 🙂 the exclusive all 5 day entry passes have been sold out whereas for some specific days, a few tickets are still available.

  11. Hi Friends,

    I have booked the test match tickets via using Credit card.
    they told they will deliver via courier. still i didn’;t received the tickets to address. 2 days over. Could you please help me . How to get the tickets ??


  12. Hi Mr Anandappan

    i suggest you contact Ticketpro immediately, their address & phone number is as follows –

    TICKETPRO India Pvt Ltd.
    #258 Cedar Crest, Apt A2,
    1st cross 10th Main, 2nd Stage,
    Defence Colony, Indira Nagar,
    Bangalore – 560 038

    Ph: 080 25201115, All India Tollfree no: 1800 425 1115
    (*Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, closed on
    Sundays & official holidays)
    E- mail:

  13. Hi,

    – I wanted to know what would be the location of T-Stand?
    – I also wanted to know that the ad for ticket selling shows P-stand (1500), but ticket pro is not showing that?
    – What are the facilities included in T-Stand or P-Stand? Is it that they provide food also?


  14. Hi Sandy
    As i dont have access to the stadium layout, i am not too sure of the stand layout, but check out Times of India Bangalore Edition Newspaper on the day when the test match begins, they usually publish the stadium layout with the traffic routes leading to the grounds, as per your question about food in the stand, check that at Planet M when you go to exchange the e-ticket for the actual ticket, they will be able to tell you about whether food will be provided or not.

  15. Hi mriitunjay

    The Ticket will give you the idea whether cameras, cell fones are allowed inside the ground or not, usually these details will be mentioned on the back of the ticket.

  16. Hi,

    Can we still buy tickets online for Saturday (Bangalore Dec 8-12 Test match)?

    Are some tickets left reserved (unbooked) for ‘over the counter’ sale at the stadium on the matchdays?


  17. Hi Mr Venkata,

    I guess there are still some tickets left online, please click the link of the day you want the tickets for & buy them online, and i dont think tickets will be sold over the counter at the stadium.

  18. Hi all,
    I have still not rcvd my tickets , sicen morning i have been tyring
    these numbers (mentioned on the website) but to no effect (call busy 🙁 , i guess the phone is hooked off )
    Ph: 080 25201115, All India Tollfree no: 1800 425 1115
    Does anyone have any alternate number . Please let me know.


  19. Hi Cricket Lovers,

    Has anybody so far received the tickets through courier. I booked the tickets last saturday and had given the courier option but still the tickets are not reached me. Do u have any number to contact them or where is their office

    Mathew Thomas

  20. Hi Mr Abdul

    I guess you will need to get the e-ticket exchanged with a real ticket at Planet-M so that you can enter into the stadium to watch the match

  21. Hi Mr Matthew

    Please refer the comment section above, you will see that i have posted the address & the phone number of Ticketpro there

  22. Mr Vipin

    i would suggest to you that if you live in Bangalore then please try visiting the Ticketpro office or take your e-ticket to Planet M & get it exchanged with the actual ticket.

  23. Mr Anil Kumar

    Please refer to the back of the ticket to see what items can be carried into the stadium.

    Personally speaking i dont think they would allow bottles, cameras, bags & cell fones

  24. I have booked a season ticket but did not receive it i could not get the telephone number how do i get the eticket printed out please help me thank you regards

  25. Hi Mr Sunil & Mr Manish

    Please check the address of Ticketpro on the top of this page in the Comments section & contact them

  26. Guys,

    Till now nobody received the tickets through courier and I heard that we need to goto brigade road PlanetM tomorrow to collect the tickets (I booked it 6 days back still not yet received). The phone numbers given above(080 25201115, All India Tollfree no: 1800 425 1115) are not working.

    Please update us if you have any other information

    Mathew Thomas

  27. Any update on where to collect the tickets for tomorrow test match.
    As still we didn’t received the tickets by courier. Today i am planning to
    goto Ticketpro office in Indira nagar.

  28. Can i book ticket now or otherwise can i get ticket at any outlet. please give me the information.

    Thanking you,

  29. Mr Naveen Babu

    Pls go through the comments on top to find out the address of the Ticketpro Office at Indiranagar

    You will not get tickets at any outlet, Planet M at Brigade Rd is exchanging the e-ticket booked via TicketPro with the actual ticket, so please book your ticket online & then get it exchanged at Planet M.

  30. maverick12210 ,

    Is it applicable for me too ? i have order via ticketpro in courier mode.
    Still i have not received the tkts. i can get in Planet M , Brigade Road


  31. Hi Anandappan,

    Where are u located? e city? one of my friends got a call from a courier service saying that they are going to deliver the ticket today, but my case still I am waiting for the courier.

    Mathew Thomas

  32. Hi Cricket lovers,

    Has anyone ,who had opted for courier service, gone to ticketpro office in indiranagar and exchanged e-tickets with actual ones .Please let me know , its far from my place hence i wanted to confirm before going today .

    Thanks and Regards
    -Vipin P.

  33. Hi,

    I have booked tickets last friday..and opted for courier ..but till today i dint receive them..if go to indira nagar office they are saying they delivered through TNT and they are not responsible if you dont receive…its pathetic service i have ever seen..they are not offering service for the money you spend. It is better to take e-ticket and exchange at planet M…ticketpro has got pathetic service and please advise to anyone while buying in future…

  34. hi vipin..

    you have check your luck till evening with TNT…they dont even have a docket number to check with TNT…things are at disarry if you go to office…even i have booked 4 tickets and waiting for the courier!!

    they are NOT excahnging e-tickets (courier delivery) at Planet M & no sign of courier as yet.


    it is 7 days now and still i have not received the tickets.
    Ticketpro is really sick.
    They said if we dont get the ticket then we should mail at I did but still no response frm them.
    I tried calling the phone numbers 080 25201115 but its not working i guess.

    So finally somehow i manged to get the contact of Courier Dept of ticketpro.
    I called them and they asked me to get some 9 digit number which only ticketpro ppl can provide us.( it is not the transaction no.)

    You guys can also call and check your status.
    CONTACT NUMBER : 080 – 22292221

    Shinto Thomas

  37. Hi I bought 6 etickets and I have to go to Planet M today for exchange. Has anyone done that already? Is there a counter at planet m?

  38. Guess we’ll have to play some ‘cricket’ with bats & balls & stumps tomorrow at TICKETPRO – so wear on your helmets boys !!!

  39. Hi everyone.. Those who have etickets can exchange it at planet m. I just called planet m to find that out.

  40. Guys,
    I just got my tickets delivered.
    I had ordered 3 and got all of them. One guy from TicketPro came and gave it.

    Now I am hoping 2moro it wont rain…


  41. Hey boys……… just received my tickets thro courier………… hurray!
    Match On at Chinnaswamy tomorow.

  42. Hi all,

    Be sure to complain to your respective banks that issued your credit cards about the level of service you received (or didn’t) from Ticketpro.

  43. Hi,

    I still did not receive the tickets even after 6 days and when I called TNT courier they dont have the information as I dont know the consignment number. The phone at ticketpro does not work, I dont know wht to do.

    Please tell me has anybody received tickets through courier in Electronic city locality, The TNT people are telling they dont deliver there

    Mathew Thomas

  44. Planet-M guy gave me the TicketPro number: 080-25241115.
    But no picks up the phone at this number. You guys can try your luck.

  45. Hi,

    I have booked tickets online for the Indo Pak test match. But when i go to the Download E-ticket,it says “Ticket for print not found”. I tried calling up the phone number given in the website Ph: 080 25201115, All India Tollfree no: 1800 425 1115, but it says that the number is not working. I have not received the tickets yet.Its not possible for me to go to Defence Colony, Indira Nagar to collect the tickets. Please can you give me any alternate contact number of ticketpro? Thanking in advance.

  46. One of my friend too booked through He just received the tickets today at 3 PM through courier. So all the people waiting for their tickets, be hopeful. You will received the tickets today mostly.

    It really is painful though, getting tickets on the last day.


  47. i still dint recieve the tickets..and my friends are coming from hyderabad to see the match….god knows what should i do now….when i go to office they said TNT guys will give me….but TNT guys have no clue…any body near marthahalli got tickets delivered??

  48. Hey , Can i get my ticket from planet M , i had opted for Corier service.. will planet-M be able to give the tickets for Courier service too. i have the printed confirmation ticket number with me.

  49. Hi Rajesh

    i dont think Planet-M will give tickets via courier, but if you have the printed e-ticket then i suggest you that you should go to Planet-M immediately & get it exchanged with a real ticket.

  50. i have 2 extra tickets for the match….988..want to sell it….67….lemme know if anyone’s interested…..939…..both are season’s tickets…..83……

    Call Me at 9886793983

  51. Hi Guys,

    Finally I received the tickets through courier(TNT). The funny part is I asked for saturday but the tickets I got are for sunday

    Mathew Thomas

  52. Prasanth and Rajesh,

    If ticketspro people are telling that it is already given to TNT for delivery, then wait at the location where you have given the delivery address. It will reach you


  53. I booked the tickets before five days, still yet i didnt receive my tickets by courier. Even i searched for the indira nagar office, im not able to found that too.
    I have the confirmation Letter with the transaction id, if i showes this they allow me in to get the tickets in ground atleast.
    So please help me out.

  54. Hi, I purchased total 6 tickets thru 2 orders: but got delivered only 4 tickets in one envelope with both the orders written manually over it.
    I tried contacting TNT but they are telling to contact TicketPro only. Their contact no is not working..
    No idea what to do..

  55. Query regarding DigiCams inside the stands.. Pls help!

    Just now I’ve received the tickets from the TNT courier guy.

    In the back side of ticket it’s written as :
    8. Transistors and Videocameras are not allowed to be taken into the stands.

    Nothing is mentioned about mobiles. So I the carrying mobile with you is permissible.

    Can anyone please let me know if Digital Cameras are allowed to be taken inside?

    Or if can anyone give the telephone number of the stadium authority from where I can inquire about these details?

    Really appreciate your help!

  56. Hi
    can anyone tell me how to contact ticketspro people,is there any land mark for indra nagar office address

  57. I got my tickets but it was horrible experience with
    The process of ticket delivery itself is more exiting than the cricket match…
    I hope all you guys get the tickets in time.


  58. I am also one of them who booked ticket through site “” but not get the ticket till now Friday 6.00 pm.
    we should take a legal action against it.


  59. Hi Sanjeev

    I would say refrain from carrying any cell fone or digital camera, coz the policemen can take that away while checking you at the entrance.

  60. Finally I got the ticket. They should dispatch the ticket though good courier since they are charging 50 for that.

  61. Maverick– you have the patience to reply to the queries. cool dude..
    But people he is not the person responsible fr the ticket delivery..

    take care.. the match jus started and India is batting.
    Happy Cricketing….

  62. This is a SCAM. Don’t order tickets from this place. I ordered 3 tickets a week ago and nothing was delivered. Called the ticket pro office more than 50 times but nobody picked up. I am now several throusand rupees poorer and missed a good day of cricket.

    I would like to see KSCA take some accountability on this matter.

  63. I have 3 tickets for the third,fourth and fifth day (3rd,4th & 5th) for the India Pakistan third Test in Bangalore… 9886793983….

  64. I booked 16 tickets.
    (8 tickets for day1, 8 tickets for day 2)..
    collected tickets at brigade road – Planet M counter..
    went and enjoyed the match..
    No problem at all.(except service charge of 10% and ticket delivery charge)

  65. I ordered 3 tickets from Ticketpro and selected the courier option. None were delivered. 2 of the tickets were for Saturday. I called the ticketpro number more than 50 times on friday and it was constantly engaged. Finally, I got through. They said the tickets have been sent and will be delivered and would call back and inform me the status. They did not call back. Later that day, I tried going to their office. The address is fake. I drove round and round defence colony and could not find the office. on saturday, the first day of the match, their numbers were all disconnected. crooked, cheating company. I am going to file a criminal case against them, against that bastard Wodeyar and Brijesh Patel.

    It is very sad. they say the BCCI is the richest board in the world and they talk big all the time but they cant get the basic things right. these guys should be put in jail. they are only out to make money.

  66. i wanted to book the tickets for the final day. can i go to the stadium directly n book there??? is it too late??? 1 day before the 5th day??? and till when will the be issuing the tickets???
    how abt on the 5th day morning itself…. any chance of getting tickets at that time???
    pls reply asap…

  67. Hi Priyank,

    Tickets are not available at the stadium, they are available online & i guess at selected Cafe Coffee Day & Planet M outlets

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