India vs Pakistan Live Streaming by Neo Sports

During the 2nd One Day International between India vs Pakistan at Mohali, i saw a scroll during the live match broadcast that Neo Sports is also streaming the current India vs Pakistan Series Live on the Internet for Free,

This is certainly an interesting move by NEO Sports and Nimbus considering the recent crackdown by them on private sites & bloggers via legal messages that they sent to so many websites & blogs which were providing live streaming links via SOPCast & TVU formats.

Does this signal the arrival of the bigwigs on the Internet & p2p live streaming arena?? will they survive, will they be able to provide high quality bufferless streaming??

I guess only time will tell that..

By the way, i just checked the site, they are charging money for streaming, the rates are something like this

Rs 50 for One Day Pass (equals to 1.27 US Dollars) for the live streaming for 1 day, payments have to be made by Credit Card, the rates are pretty reasonable and can be easily afforded by anyone, but will someone pay that amount when he is getting a free live stream on private blogs/sites?? will the streaming be good when compared to the free links??

I guess only the users who try the link will be able to tell that, but this sure marks the entry of Neo Sports officially in the field of p2p live streaming for Cricket Matches

“Welcome Neo Sports…All the best…let’s see how you battle with the free bloggers/sites”

One thing is sure, Neo Sports and Nimbus have gone a mile in crushing many free blogs and free links sites by issuing copyright infringement warnings to them…

The question remains is whether they will be better than the free sites??

Please check this link out whenever there is the next live match between India vs Pakistan and leave your comment & feedback on whether the streaming was good or not

The site is

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    please tell me how to watch the live cricket between pak and india

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