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April 15th, 2010 @12:18 am  

Kndly let me know the two pairs of Australian brothers
playing in IPL III in India ?

paul fry Said,
February 10th, 2011 @6:38 am  

My name is Paul Fry and I am an Indigenous freelance photographer from Cape York Australia and I am auctioning off English Test Cricketer Matt Priors Cricket bat which was given to me by Carl Rackerman who used to play for The Queensland Cricket Club and Australia to raise money for Flood Victims in Australia.
Here is a letter from Carl Rackerman
Hi Paul,

I couldn’t get to the bottom of when the bat was actually broken. It may have been in the dressing room celebrations?????? Anyway, it was the bat he used to score his 85 in Melbourne.

Hope the day goes well,


I am also donating two Cape York canvas photos which were taken on a Cape York cattle station two years ago where I met my birth father for the first time as I was adopted in Brisbane at 2 months old.

With this very unique auction I will be donating 70% to flood victims through an organization called Care Outreach [www.careoutreach.com.au] Sunshine Coast,Queensland – Australia who are looking after flood victims in the Darling Downs Region – which towns consist of Dalby,Chinchilla,Condamine and surrounding towns and communities.
On behalf of the Palmwoods Cricket Club which is situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland,Australia. I present to you a very special and unique auction for all Worldwide Sporting enthusiasts to bid on Matt Priors old cricket bat and my Cape York canvas Photos.

Cape York Canvas Photos.
1. The first photo is 3-20 copy of an old Ford Zefa ute which was taken after an out of control bushfire swept through bushland threatening a nearby Cattle-station. This ute appealed to me after it had been sitting in bushland for many years through bush-fires,droughts and wet-seasons.
2.The 2nd canvas photo, 1-20 copies is a photo of my nephew Douglas and Decklyn. Declklyn is one of many Australian Outback Stock-horses which are worth around $5000 – $10,000.
Douglas took Decklyn for an afternoon ride past a herd of weeners in background as I had just fed them molasses for lunch!

I have also attached photos of the signed Cricket bat and a letter of declaration from Carl Rackerman stating the bat is Matt Priors!

Anyway my contact details are:
Paul Fry
07 54 760 422

Also this is the link for the Auction on Ebay:


Thank You Paul Fry

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